The Product

About EnviroPro Soil Probes

EnviroPro® sub-surface Soil Probes have been carefully engineered to be accurate, long-life, maintenance-free instruments suitable for all soil types. Their design employs clever techniques to correctly compensate moisture measurements for variations in salinity, as well as compensating moisture and salinity measurements for temperature variations, something not observed in any competitor probes.

EnviroPro probes have been laboratory tested for compliance to all regional regulatory rules and carry CE, RCM and FCC approvals.

They are manufactured to the highest standards and are fully encapsulated to ensure maximum immunity to environmental degradation. Each probe is individually calibrated at the factory and will consistently provide reliable and repeatable data, year after year.

All of the EnviroPro range provide sensors located at 10cm intervals, and are compatible with any SDI-12 compliant logger. The communication interface may be changed to a CMOS output, either by the user, or at the factory. Other interfaces, like RS485 have been adapted, which may suit your application.

The unique EnviroPro® sub-surface Soil Probes can, depending on the model, measure moisture, temperature and salinity in one robust unit for economical and continuous monitoring and never need field re-calibration.

Applications include turf, trees, flowers, vegetables, vines, cane fields, grains and dry-land crops, and many other plantations,

Other applications include composting, mining, environmental monitoring and scientific research.

Model Variants


EnviroPro probes are available in two versions.

The standard versions will measure soil moisture, soil temperature and soil EC (salinity) at each 10cm interval.

The L versions will measure soil moisture and soil temperature at 10cm depth intervals. L version probes may also be upgraded to measure EC at any time after initial purchase or installation, via an upgrade key, should the need subsequently arise.


EnviroPro probes are offered in 40cm, 80cm 120cm and 160cm sensing depths with measurements taken at every 10cm interval, allowing measurements to be taken at most root depths.

  • Measure
  • EP100G-04
  • EP100G-08
  • EP100G-12
  • EP100G-16

  • EP100GL-04
  • EP100GL-08
  • EP100GL-12
  • EP100GL-16

Installation and Maintenance


EnviroPro® probe installation kits make for easy installation. See Available Accessories.


EnviroPro® sub-surface Soil Probes are long-life, maintenance free sensors, suitable for all soils and never need re-calibration.


All EnviroPro Soil Probes are warranted against manufacturing faults or failure for a period of 5 years from date of purchase.


Outputs are factory or user selectable for compatibility with all commonly used standard serial data logger formats


  • Bullet Sensors located at 10cm vertical intervals
  • Bullet Easy field installation
  • Bullet SDI-12 V1.3 compliant
  • Bullet Interfaces to all SDI-12 compliant digital loggers
  • Bullet CE, RCM and FCC EMC compliant
  • Bullet Suitable for all crop root depths
  • Bullet Facilitates fertiliser optimisation
  • Bullet Designed and made in Australia
  • Bullet Set-and-forget maintenance free
  • Bullet Optional SDI-12 to RS-485 converter
  • Bullet Wide range 6 to 15 VDC auxiliary supply
  • Bullet Temperature-compensated measurements
  • Bullet Salinity-compensated moisture measurements
  • Bullet 5 year warranty
  • Bullet RoHS Compliant
  • Bullet Standard 5m cable

EnviroPro logo Accessories

Configuration Device

EPCD – EnviroPro Configuration Device

The EnviroPro Configuration Unit provides a convenient interface between EnviroPro soil probes and a PC’s USB port. Tasks like pre setting addresses, identifying model and serial numbers, applying upgrade keys and checking functionality of the probe prior to installation are all made easy with this device. Other features include SDI bus exploring, a transparent mode interface, probe demo mode, and more.

Installation kit

EP Installation Kit

An easy to use and durable boring kit to suit most installation sites.

Heavy Installation kit

EP Heavy Duty Installation Kit

This kit provides alternate boring tools for more challenging soil structures.

Extraction tool

EP Extraction Tool

Invaluable for quickly and safely removing or relocating EnviroPro probes.


EP Cable

For those longer cable runs. Supplied in 100m coils. 4x tough PE insulated inner cores of (0.44mm² ea) , in a black UV stabilised PVC jacket.


SDI-12 - RS485 Adaptor